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Submitted By Firebolt on 11/07/28
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As you all know, MBA isnt all that new, but i need to spread the word about it. My club is an elite jet-flying club that does airshows both publicly and priately. MBA is also known for doing stunt shows with hovercrafts and even tanks! we are currently recruiting so if you want to join, just PM me and well set up a time for the test! see you all later, and more will be comming soon! Have a great time on mars and be sure to post about previous airshows if you can!
Next airshows:
Augest 5th, 2011. jet show@ Jesters Gridcity 5:30 Private show, mods and VIPs only
August 13, 2011. buggy show@ Freestyle 5:30 public show
August 25, 2011.  FORMAL tank show@ Bagels skate park 5:30 private show, invites only
Augest 29, 2011. Club vs Public  jet dogfight@ dogfighters dream 12:00
September 11th, 2011. FORMAL jet show@ calyx's megacity 12:00 public show
(all times shown are in moutain time zone)

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5 days - 26,111v
Posted 2011/07/29 - 4:21 GMT
Great! Wait, just asking, but whats mountain time?
1 day - 3,981v
Posted 2011/07/30 - 19:14 GMT
moutain time zone
20 hours - 2,223v
Posted 2011/10/19 - 11:45 GMT
Ooh. Can the list be updated, or has it died?

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